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Mechanical maintenance of fixed equipment

Mechanical maintenance of fixed equipment is crucial in many industries and installations, whether factories, power plants, or other installations. These services play a key role in maintaining assets and ensuring continuity of production and safety. In this article, we will take a look at the importance and types of mechanical maintenance services for fixed equipment.

Importance of mechanical maintenance:
1. Reduce unplanned stops: Through regular and regular maintenance, mechanical problems can be detected and fixed before causing unplanned stops of equipment.
2. Increase the life of assets: mechanical maintenance helps extend the life of equipment and delays the need to replace it.
3. Improved performance: Equipment performance can be improved by synchronizing maintenance and repair standards.
4. Worker safety: Good maintenance reduces accident risk and improves workplace safety.
5. Cost savings: Regular maintenance procedure can save large repair and unplanned replacement costs.

Types of mechanical maintenance services:
1. Preventive maintenance: includes inspections and periodic maintenance of equipment, replacement of consumables, lubrication and lubrication of motor parts.
2. Corrective maintenance: Based on instant discoveries or technical reports.
3. Restoration and renovation: During this type of maintenance, old equipment is refurbished and updated to maintain its performance.
4. Performance verification: Includes equipment performance testing to make sure it works efficiently and meets standards.

Mechanical maintenance services for fixed equipment are an essential part of asset management and performance improvement in most industries. Through the implementation of an effective maintenance strategy, enterprises can strike a balance between excellent performance and low operating costs, contributing to business success and increased profitability.