Hydro-Blasting & Cleaning Services

Plant-Tech Arabia specializes in providing quality industrial cleaning, rehabilitative maintenance, environment and safety service to a broad range of industrial clients. In the field of high pressure water jet cleaning, hand operated equipment like spray guns and lances as well as mechanical equipment with rotating washes, drilling, lance equipment and sewage cleaning equipment are being used by Plant-Tech Arabia. By this technology, equipment like heat exchangers, condensers, reactors, storage tanks, furnaces, transport pipelines, sewage system, towers, vessels etc. can be cleaned in an efficient way.

Plant-Tech Arabia is equipped with advanced demolition tools, both handheld and robotic. The advantages of this hydro-demolition tools over conventional tools is

  • Non-vibration method of demolition of concrete.
  • No damage to existing reinforcement.
  • Selective demolition avoiding micro cracking in existing structure.
“Safety First: Nobody gets hurt today.”

 Plant-Tech Arabia provides hydro-blast cold-cutting services on site or offsite. The cutting edge of this service is as follows:

  • No risk of ignition in an explosive environment
  • No changes in material properties due to due to thermal stress
  • Can cut materials of wide range of hardness
  • Vibration-free cutting
  • Material saving through narrow cut width
  • Internal and external cutting of pipelines

Though our customers remain diverse in industry, location, size, and scope, Plant-Tech Arabia remains dedicated to providing an outstanding level of industrial service.