Exchanger Tube Bundle Pulling Services

Our range of tube bundle pulling and cleaning services is all you need for safe and efficient tube cleaning. In case of exchangers with removable tube bundles, mechanical removal of the bundles using traditional method is often cumbersome, unwieldy and time consumable. Also it is manpower intensive. Life becomes much easier if one uses the hydraulic tube bundle extractor.

The Hydraulic Tube Bundle extractor is a self-contained unit which is lifted into position by just one crane. It does away with cumbersome rigs and gantries, which steal place, time and infinite maintenance bills. Once in position and clamped to the shell-flange of a heat exchanger, the extractor can exert a passive force of 80,000 kgf. Enough to break out even the most obstinate tube bundle out into the open. Two highly trained men are all that are required to handle the extractor.

“Extracting and replacing tube bundles with minimum effort.”

Using the bundle extractor it is possible to free most bundles in as little as 30 minutes. Once a bundle is resting completely on the extractor, the load is trimmed using the special hydraulic balancing cylinder. After having used the extractor to pull one bundle it is used to push in a new bundle again, in minimum time.

With the extractor, valuable savings are made all rounds.

  • ­Less clutter
  • ­Less time
  • ­Less manpower
  • ­Less risk of accidents involving people, or costly damage to equipment