Catalyst Handling & Reactor Maintenance Services

Our specialized focus in the field of catalyst handling services, with many years of industry experience, will assist your company with the challenges faced when reactor turnarounds (shutdowns) are performed. Catalyst change-out and re-loading are performed in both inert as well as fresh air environments, with all required and suitable specialized equipment and personnel available. Various types of catalyst materials can be managed. Listed below are the various tasks that we undertake in relation to Catalyst Handling & Reactor Maintenance Services:

  • Rapid Cooling of Reactors.
  • ­Unloading/ loading/ skimming of fresh/ regenerated/ synthesis catalyst under inert/ normal atmosphere for all types of reactors.
  • ­All types of repairs of the reactor internals including specialized welding and cutting under inert and toxic atmosphere with a detailed flame-proof video inspection and/or digital photography accompanied by an inspection report.
  • ­Passivation of reactor internals with a gamma jet or a High Pressure Water Jetting System.
  • ­Loading of catalyst using various Dense Loading Technologies like UOP, COP, DENSICAT*, CATAPAC UNIDENSE* loading systems for reformer tubes.
  • ­ Sieving of catalyst and support materials using multi-deck sieving machines.
  • ­ Tubular Reactor Catalyst change out using a Multi-channel Computerized delta P System.
  • ­ PAREXTM/MOLEXTM adsorbent change out, internal repairs and modifications.

Our principals in India have the license and equipment given by UOP for their Dense Loading Technology. We can also undertake DENSICAT, CATAPAC & UNIDENSE Loading of reformer  tubes. Our workmen are well trained to work in confined space both under ordinary as well as under inert atmosphere using breathing air apparatus and life support boxes. We provide our services not only in Saudi Arabia, but also other regions on the Asian continent into the Petro-Chemical and Oil and Gas Industries.