Sludge Liquid Treatment Services

The process of recovering oil from sludge addresses environmental concerns, minimises waste, and arguably poses one of the most challenging questions in separation technology.
PTA offers a system that is an integration of proven process techniques. Employing separation principles, MEP has selected, designed and engineered our system to overcome the broad variations in sludge compositions found in tank bottoms, lagoons and landfill oil sludge. Our system achieves high productivity and maximises the recovery of resources. It involves a mechanical oil-sludge treatment plant which uses thermo-mechanical processes to separate the oil-sludge into its primary components, namely, oil, water and solids. The treatment process generally involves the following steps:

  • Sludge feed and preparation
  • Sludge heating, blending and homogenization
  • Fluidisation and homogenisation, in fact, is the core underlying principle of the process.
  • Mechanical screen separation

Linear motion vibratory shakers re used to screen off solid particles such as rust scales, stones, sand and other foreign debris.

  • Hydro-cyclone separation

Hydro-cyclones, used in conjunction with mechanical shakers, form a vital intermediate step in the separation process.

  • Decanter centrifuge separation

The high G-forces generated by a centrifuge creates an effective separation of solids from liquids.

  • Oil & water recovery

The liquid mixture is sent through a series of flotation processes and setting processes, resulting in the recovery of oil and water. The recovered oil is returned to the refinery, while the recovered water is sent to the water treatment facility. (Solids can be either used for land farming or processed further through thermal adsorption or bio-remediation.)





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